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SUN        1               SUN
MON  1Students Commence Term 1    2Melton Cross Country     12017 Kinder Readiness Sessions Kids With Courage (Boys)        MON
TUE  2YR 5 Swimming1Kinder Hatching Eggs Program YR 2 Swimming  3YR 2 Music Excursion Theatre Sports Final YR 10 PE Incursion    22017 Kinder Readiness Sessions King's College Exchange (King's to Heathdale) YR 11 Business Management/Accounting Excursion YR 11 PE Excursion YR 10 PE Excursion    1Melbourne Cup Day   TUE
WED  3YR 5 Swimming2Kinder Hatching Eggs Program YR 3 Swimming Photo Days  4YR 1 Music Excursion Kinder Wallabies Mother's Day Celebration1YR 10+11 HOV Excursion  32017 Kinder Readiness Sessions King's College Exchange (King's to Heathdale) YR 10 Chinese Excursion    2YR 1 Swimming YR 11 Early Start 3D + 3S Science Incursion  WED
THU  4YR 5 Swimming3Kinder Hatching Eggs Program Photo Days YR 2 Swimming OzCLO  5King's College Exchange (Heathdale to King's)2   4State Netball Championships (Sel. YR 7-12 Students) Yr 10 French Excursion YR 11 PE Excursion1YR 10 Sport & Rec Camp Musica Viva (Prep + YR 3)  3Prep Swimming 3E + 3B Science Incursion1Choral Competition Rehearsals YR 4 Choir Performance YR 3 Choir PerformanceTHU
FRI1 5YR 5 Swimming4Kinder Hatching Eggs Program Photo Days1School Holidays 6King's College Exchange (Heathdale to King's) Kinder Echidnas + Koalas Mother's Day Celebration YR 4 Music/Art Excursion3YR 12 Food Excursion1Philippines Trip School Holidays 52017 Kinder Readiness Sessions YR 10 PE Excursion2YR 10 Sport & Rec Camp Prep - YR 6 Father's Day Stall  4 2Choral Competition Last Day for SS StudentsFRI
SAT2 6 5Kinder Hatching Eggs Program2School Holidays 7 4 2Philippines Trip School Holidays 6 3 1 5 3 SAT
SUN3 7 6Kinder Hatching Eggs Program3School Holidays 8 5 3Philippines Trip School Holidays 7 4 2 6 4 SUN
MON4 8YR 5 Swimming7Kinder Hatching Eggs Program YR 3 Swimming SS Athletics YR 6 Excursion4School Holidays 9Kinder Possums Mother's Day Celebration6YR 7 & 8 Exams4School Holidays 8YR 4 Science Incursion5YR 12 Sport & Rec + YR 6 Excursion3P-12 Curriculum Day 7YR 4 Swimming Yr 6 Excursion (Group A)5Australian Volleyball Schools Cup YR 4 End of Year ExcursionMON
TUE5 9YR 5 Swimming MS Information Evening Morrisby Vocational Testing8Kinder Hatching Eggs Program YR 4 Excursion YR 11 History Excursion YR 12 PE Excursion YR 7 Immunisation (Boys and Girls)5School Holidays 10NAPLAN7YR 7 & 8 Exams GAT Kinder Music Incursion (Possums + Wallabies) YR 10 PE Excursion5School Holidays 9Kinder Incursion (Possums + Wallabies) YR 2 History Incursion YR 11 PE Excursion YR 10 PE Excursion6YR 2B + 2S History Excursion4Students Commence Term 4 8D+ 8R Swimming 6H + 6S Swimming Yr 10 S&R Excursion8YR 4 Swimming Yr 6 Excursion (Group B) YR 10 PE Excursion6Australian Volleyball Schools Cup YR 6 End of Year Excursion YR 2 End of Year Excursion YR 7 Kite Flying YR 3 End of Year Incursion YR 8 End of Year OutingTUE
WED6 10YR 5 Swimming YR 12 Retreat9Kinder Hatching Eggs Program YR 9+10 Drama Excursion6School Holidays 11NAPLAN8Yr 5 SOSE Excursion Prep Science Excursion YR 12 Business Management Excursion6School Holidays 10YR 5/6 Basketball SS Debating7YR 2H + 2L History Excursion SS Battle of the Bands 2017 China Trip Meeting5YR 1 Swimming9Yr 5+6 Hooptime Regional Finals YR 9+10 Exams YR 1 Swimming Kinder (Possums) Traffic Excursion7Australian Volleyball Schools Cup Last Day for JS/MS StudentsWED
THU7 11YR 5 Swimming YR 12 Retreat10Kinder Hatching Eggs Program YR 11 & 12 PE Excursion Wyndham Division Swimming Melton Photo Day7School Holidays 12NAPLAN YR 11+12 Music Assessments9P-12 Correction Days WMR Cross Country7YR 11 PE Excursion School Holidays 11SS Aeroskools YR 6 Choir Performance YR 11 PE Excursion8Prep Swimming YR 12 Psychology Incursion JS Mini Music Concert Parent Information Night for Musical6MS P/T Interviews Prep Swimming Yr 9 SOSE Excursion 7A + 7N Swimming10YR 9+10 Exams Prep Swimming Kinder (Echidnas) Traffic Excursion8Australian Volleyball Schools Cup School Holidays THU
FRI8 12YR 5 Swimming YR 12 Retreat11Kinder Hatching Eggs Program8School Holidays 13YR 1 Vision Screening10P-12 Correction Days 8School Holidays 12MS Aeroskools Kinder Incursion (Echidnas + Koalas)9YR 12 Food/Hospitality Excursion77T + 7V Swimming 8K + 8S Swimming Yr 11 & 12 Drama Solo performances11YR 9+10 Exams 2017 YR 1-4 new student orientation 6C + 6K Swimming Kinder (Koalas) Traffic Excursion9Australian Volleyball Schools Cup Last Day for Staff School Holidays FRI
SAT9 13 12 9School Holidays 14 11 9School Holidays 13 10Working Bee8 12 10School Holidays SAT
SUN10 14 13 10School Holidays 15 12 10School Holidays 14 11 9 13 11School Holidays SUN
MON11 15YR 3 Swimming14Labour Day 11Curriculum Day School Holidays 16Year 11 Exams YR 2S + 2D SOSE Incursion13Queen's Birthday Tyndale Exchange11K-12 Curriculum Day 15YR 12 Sport & Rec Excursion YR 3 Incursion12YR 5 Drama/Music Rehearsal10Parents as Partners Training YR 4 Swimming YR 5 SOSE Excursion Prep Science Excursion14YR 7+8 Exams 2017 Yr 5 new student orientation YR 9+10 Exams12School Holidays MON
TUE12 16Yr 3 Swimming15 12Yr 7 Camp Week Students Commence Term 2 YR 10 PE Incursion17YR 4 Incursion YR 9 - 11 Exams YR 3 SOSE Excursion YR 2H + 2L SOSE Incursion14Tyndale Exchange YR 7/8 Basketball YR 10 PE Excursion12Students Commence Term 3 YR 12 Business Management Excursion YR 11 PE Excursion YR 10 PE Excursion16Visitors' Day YR 11 PE Excursion Science Lecture YR 10 PE Excursion JS Literacy Workshop - PSt13YRS 7-12 CSEN Athletics11YR 4 Swimming WMR Athletics YR 10 Outdoor Ed. Excursion 7A + 7N Swimming 8K + 8S Swimming15YR 9+10 Student Free Days YR 7+8 Exams Kinder (Wallabies) Traffic Excursion JS Presentation Night Rehearsals Prep Presentation Night Rehearsal13School Holidays TUE
WED13 17YR 12 PE Excursion16YR 10 Parent Information Evening New Zealand Trip YR 11+12 Studio Arts Excursion13Yr 7 Camp Week Kool Skools Recording18YR 4 Incursion YR 9 - 11 Exams YR 3 SOSE Excursion15Tyndale Exchange YR 11+12 Legal Studies Incursion Medieval Day YR 10+11 HOV Excursion JS Farewell for Mr Tibben13YR 12 TIS Excursion17 14YR 1 Swimming MS Debating YR 5 Drama/Music Performance YR 5 Drama/Music Performance12YR 1 Swimming MS Road Relay16YR 9+10 Student Free Days YR 7+8 Exams14School Holidays WED
THU14 18SS Swimming YR 3 Swimming17New Zealand Trip JS P/T Interviews14Yr 7 Camp Week Kool Skools Recording19YR 9 - 11 Exams16Tyndale Exchange Kinder Music Incursion (Echidnas + Koalas)14YR 11 PE Excursion18YR 12 Lit Incursion YR 10 English Incursion YR 11 PE Excursion15Prep Swimming YR 9 Outdoor Ed Camp JS P/T Interviews Wyndham Division Athletics13Prep Swimming 6H + 6S Swimming 7T + 7V Swimming 8D+ 8R Swimming17Prep-YR 12 Student Free Days VCE Exams Finish15School Holidays THU
FRI15 19 18New Zealand Trip CSSN Swimming Prep Teddy Bear Picnic VCAL Excursion YR 5/6 Assembly15Yr 7 Camp Week20YR 9 - 11 Exams YR 10-12 Careers Excursion17Tyndale Exchange Philippines Trip15YR 3+4 Hooptime19YR 11+12 Latin Excursion16Senior School Student Free Day YR 9 Outdoor Ed Camp Aeroskools National Championships (Selected YR 9 Girls) JS Footy Day Last Day of Term 3 MS House Outings14Sports Presentation Dinner YR 5 SOSE Excursion YR 3+4 Hooptime Prep-YR 2 Athletics 6C + 6K Swimming18Prep-YR 12 Student Free Days Volleyball Referee Course16School Holidays FRI
SAT16 20Working Bee19New Zealand Trip Working Bee16 21Working Bee18Philippines Trip Working Bee16 20Working Bee Tournament of Minds Challenge17 15Working Bee19 17School Holidays SAT
SUN17 21 20New Zealand Trip17 22 19Philippines Trip17 21 18 16 20 18School Holidays SUN
MON18 22Theatre Sports Workshop YR 3 Swimming21New Zealand Trip18MS & SS P/T Interviews23YR 10 Work Experience Week20Philippines Trip Prep D + Prep M Incursion MS Begin Semester 2 JS Reports home18Kids with Courage (Boys) Parents as Partners MS & SS P/T Interviews22BOOK WEEK19SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 17YR 4 Swimming 6C + 6K Swimming21YR 9+10 Early Start Orientation WMR Primary Volleyball Championships JS Presentation Night Rehearsal19School Holidays MON
TUE19 23Yr 3 Swimming22New Zealand Trip YR 2 Swimming WMR Swimming YR 11+12 French Excursion JS P/T Interviews VCAL Literacy & YR 9 Cultural Communication Excursion19YR 10 Geography Excursion 2017 YR 7 Information Evening YR 11/12 VCAL Excursion YR 10 PE Incursion24YR 10 Work Experience Week YR 7 Immunisations21Philippines Trip Prep B, Prep E + Prep W Incursion YR 10 PE Excursion19CSSN Cross Country YR 11 PE Excursion23BOOK WEEK Commissioning Service for Mr Grace20SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 18YR 4 Swimming Last Day for Year 12s 8D+ 8R Swimming 6H + 6S Swimming SS Yr 12 Assembly JS Parent Information Evening 'Boys to Men'22YR 5 Camp20School Holidays TUE
WED20 24YR 10 Sport & Rec Camp MS Swimming Echidnas and Koalas Family Night23New Zealand Trip Victorian School Touch Rugby Championships (Sel. YR 10+11 Students) MS & SS P/T Interviews20 25YR 10 Work Experience Week MS Athletics22Philippines Trip JS P/T Interviews MS/SS Cross Country20 24BOOK WEEK Prep-YR 4 Dress Up Day21SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 19YR 1 Swimming YR 12 Big Day Out Kinder Fire Truck Visit (Wallabies + Koalas)23YR 5 Camp YR 12 Camp JS Presentation Night Rehearsal21School Holidays WED
THU21 25TEST EVENT YR 10 Sport & Rec Camp YR 12 Legal Studies Excursion24New Zealand Trip Last Day of Term 121Visitors' Day26YR 10 Work Experience Week Wyndham Division Cross Country No Regrets Program YR 11 + 12 Top Designs Victorian Volleyball One Day Cup23Philippines Trip JS P/T Interviews YR 11 PE Excursion21Chemistry Quiz YR 11 PE Excursion25BOOK WEEK HCC Music Ensembles Performance22SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 20YR 9 Outdoor Ed. Camp Prep Swimming Valedictory Dinner 7A + 7N Swimming24YR 5 Camp YR 12 Camp JS Presentation Night22School Holidays THU
FRI22 26YR 10 Sport & Rec Camp Hoppers Crossing District Swimming YR 11 VET Hospitality Excursion25New Zealand Trip22YR 11 Food Excursion YR 11 Biology Excursion YR 10 VET Chinese Excursion YR 12 Drama Excursion27YR 10 Work Experience Week No Regrets Program YR 11/12 Victorian Basketball Championships YR 11+12 Drama Excursion24Philippines Trip Last Day of Term 222YR 10 PE Excursion26BOOK WEEK YR 1 Science Excursion23SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 21YR 9 Outdoor Ed. Camp YR 11 Exams 7T + 7V Swimming 8K + 8S Swimming25YR 5 Camp YR 12 Camp YR 10 Pre-Driver Education Program23School Holidays FRI
SAT23 27 26New Zealand Trip School Holidays 23Working Bee28No Regrets Program25Philippines Trip School Holidays 23Working Bee27 24SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 22 26Working Bee24School Holidays SAT
SUN24 28 27New Zealand Trip School Holidays 24 29No Regrets Program26Philippines Trip School Holidays 24 28 25SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 23 27 25Christmas Day School Holidays SUN
MON25 29Kinder Hatching Eggs Program YR 3 Swimming Possums and Wallabies Family Night28New Zealand Trip School Holidays 25ANZAC Day 30No Regrets Program27Philippines Trip School Holidays 25Kids with Courage (Boys) YR 5/6 Netball Championships29Bandicoots Yr 2-6 Music Group Excursion Hoppers Crossing District Athletics26SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 24YR 11 Exams YR 4 Swimming28Selected Yr5/6 Boys Cricket excursion Choral Competition Rehearsals MS Semester Awards Kindergarten Christmas Family Night26Boxing Day School Holidays MON
TUE26Australia Day Public Holiday   29New Zealand Trip School Holidays 26Prep Happy Hat Day Further Maths SAC Part 1 YR 5+6 Science Show YR 10 PE Incursion31No Regrets Program Year 12 Legal Studies Excursion YR 1 Drama Toolbox Incursion YR 10 PE Excursion28Philippines Trip School Holidays 26Annual Music Concert Annual Music Concert Rehearsals YR 11 PE Excursion YR 10 PE Excursion30P-4 Bookweek Incursion YR 9 Geography Excursion27SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 25YR 11 Exams YR 4 Swimming MILO T20 Blast Cricket Comp (Sel. YR 5+6 Boys) 7A + 7N Swimming 8K + 8S Swimming29Choral Competition Rehearsals PD - RLA MS Awards Night Yr 4 Geography Excursion27School Holidays TUE
WED27   30School Holidays 27Night of the Notables Hoppers Crossing District Cross Country Further Maths SAC Part 2  29Philippines Trip School Holidays 27 31YR 11 Physics Excursion YR 10 Sport & Rec Camp28SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 26YR 11 Exams YR 1 Swimming VCE Exams Start MS General Knowledge Competition KE + KP Incursion30Choral Competition Rehearsals SS Awards Night28School Holidays WED
THU28   31School Holidays 28YR 9 Outdoor Education Camp Tial GAT  30Philippines Trip YR 11 PE Excursion School Holidays 28VCC Basketball Finals Growing Resilient Kids Evening YR 11 PE Excursion Leadership Skills Excursion  29SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 27YR 11 Exams Prep Swimming 6H + 6S Swimming 7T + 7V Swimming 8D+ 8R Swimming  29School Holidays THU
FRI29     29YR 9 Outdoor Education Camp YR 5/6 Assembly    29   30SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 28YR 11 Exams 6C + 6K Swimming  30School Holidays FRI
SAT30     30     30     29   31School Holidays SAT
SUN31           31     30     SUN
MON                  31Heathdale Holiday     MON